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Gordon Dadds secures Late Licences for Clapham Restaurants


Gareth Hughes, partner in our Licensing and Gaming team, successfully represented our restaurant clients Eco and Esca, to obtain later licensing hours for both premises in the heart of the Clapham Cumulative Impact Zone. The application faced significant opposition from police, environmental health, public health and trading standards. As a result of the successful applications, both licences will be extended to 1am, ensuring that local residents will be able to eat out later in the area, suiting their own lifestyles.

On obtaining the licences Gareth commented “This is a magnificent result for both restaurants in an area where Lambeth Council guard the Cumulative Impact Zone jealously and normally refuse applications for extensions and new premises licences. I was delighted that residents turned out as witnesses in the hearing to support the application. Sami and Charmaine Wasif, the owners, deserve credit for all the years they have invested in this area and the lead they have taken on licensing matters in Clapham High Street, along with the work they put in beforehand to ensure the success of this application. Lambeth councillors sitting on the Committee have shown a very reasonable and balanced approach in this matter, weighing up the need to protect local residents and encourage long standing businesses.”


Gordon Dadds