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Gordon Dadds secures licence for summer pop up


We have secured permission for the creation of a Brixton Beach Boulevard pop up this summer.

The 1980s Miami-themed event, run by Odd Events Limited, will open at the end of May. It will involve the laying out of a beach on top of a disused car park, on the Coldharbour Lane Industrial Estate, with street food stands, hot tubs, bars, a cinema and immersive theatre-style productions.

The Odd Events Limited team is led by Freddie Fison and Jack Gutteridge, two Brixton locals motivated by creative projects that are designed to give the local community something new and different to enjoy.

The aim is also to raise money for local charities, something that they were able to do successfully in a similar event called South Pole Saloon which ran through the winter and was named ‘Best London Pop Up of 2015’ by Design My Night.

Gareth Hughes, Partner and Barrister at Gordon Dadds, who led the application, said:

“Following the success of the South Pole Saloon, the team decided to apply for a full premises licence for 14 weeks this summer.  

“The space is close to residential accommodation so a great deal of effort went into working with local residents, before making the application, in order to ensure that the authorities were happy.”

“Once the site is constructed it will bring back into use and reinvigorate a rundown space with a host of artistic and cultural activities as well as some of the most exciting entertainment and the tastiest street food around.”

Freddie Fison of Odd Events said:

“We are very pleased to have been granted a full licence by Lambeth Council and are really excited about bringing a fully interactive Miami beach to the heart of Brixton.”

“We hope that it will be an exciting and enjoyable experience for the local community, while also raising funds for good causes.”

Gordon Dadds