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Sex, Money, Greed and Formula 1 – The Case Not Making Cohabitation Law Easier – David Ruck’s article in Spear’s

David Ruck's article was published by Spear's on 15 December 2015

Written by David Ruck

Jason Patrick’s claims on the property portfolio of his former lover, and previous Formula 1 spouse, Daphne McKinley is a challenge for the law says David Ruck

The recent case of Patrick v McKinley has been popular with the press, perhaps because it contains many of the more salacious elements that can make up a family based dispute in the Courts, namely sex, money, greed, and a minor celebrity in the form of a connection with Formula 1 motor racing. The case also concerns a particularly complex area of the law: claims between unmarried cohabitees.

The facts of the case are relatively simple, although the finer points are hotly contested. In about 2003 Mr Patrick (44), a former aircraftman in the RAF, went to live in a flat above the garage of Mrs McKinley (57) at her property in Henley. She is the former wife of Guy Edwards, who was a Formula 1 racing driver in the 1970’s.

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