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The Consequences of a Brexit for Small Companies – Michael Hatchwell’s Article in

Michael Hatchwell's article was published by Small Business on 18 June 2015.

Written by Michael Hatchwell

Michael Hatchwell discusses what a ‘Brexit’ would actually mean for businesses from a legal perspective.

A majority government following the recent Conservative victory at the General Election takes us straight towards a referendum on whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union.

While there is considerable uncertainty about what the consequences of Brexit might be to the UK economically, it is clear that one thing we do seem to have become expert at in the UK is creating serious business uncertainty generally. First the Scottish referendum, then the general election and now Europe. One wonders when we will see any protracted period of stability and give businesses a chance to understand the challenges facing them and to strategise accordingly.  Perhaps this is what happens when politics becomes so obviously and quickly influenced by public opinion, itself in a constant state of flux…

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