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What makes a Social (and Antisocial) Business? – Michael Hatchwell’s Article in Spear’s

Michael Hatchwell's article was published in Spear's on 29 September 2015

Written by Michael Hatchwell

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a buzzword in recent years. It is one of those terms used loosely to encompass a multitude of practices and a range of corporate activity which all flow from corporate self-regulation: how large corporates ensure that their businesses respect the law and certain ethical and moral standards and in many cases give something back to the community.

A good example is companies ensuring that their products are not made by children or people working in unsafe factories, considerations that have raised standards in countries traditionally taking a more relaxed approach to such concerns. In parts of the world CSR remains an alien concept, or at least one which is not embraced as it is seen as interfering in the ultimate goal of maximising profit…

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