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Why Socially Responsible Investing is the Big New Trend in the UK – Michael Hatchwell’s Article in Growth Business

Michael Hatchwell's article was published by Growth Business on 5 October 2015

Written by Michael Hatchwell

Support from no lesser authority than the governor of the Bank of England is offering his support for SRI – so is the appetite there to take up the mantle?

Thanks to the Governor of the Bank of England.

It is not often that on the eve of an article deadline The Governor of the Bank of England makes such a significant and relevant contribution to the subject matter of an article.

Mark Carney stated on 29 September 2015 at a City Dinner speech as follows:

“Nineteen per cent of FTSE 100 companies are in natural resource and extraction sectors; and a further 11 per cent by value are in power utilities, chemicals, construction and industrial goods sectors. Globally, these two tiers of companies between them account for around one third of equity and fixed income assets…

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