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Removal of public access to residential addresses held by Companies House

Written by Melanie Kincaid

The law has recently been changed to enable the removal of residential addresses from Companies House public register for company directors and secretaries, LLP members and persons with significant control (PSCs). This will have the benefit of further safeguarding individuals from personal threat or identity fraud.

Previously, protection could only be provided to directors and PSCs under Sections 243 and 790ZF of the Companies Act 2006 (in respect of usual residential addresses of directors and PSCs) and Section 790ZG of the Companies Act 2006 (in respect of all information on PSCs), and an application would only be accepted where there was a risk of violence or intimidation against an individual because of the activities of a company. The new rules now make it possible to remove your residential address for any reason of your own choosing.

To remove your residential address, Companies House will charge £55 for each document you need to suppress. An alternative correspondence address must be supplied if you are still appointed to an active company, such as holding a current directorship. This will then replace your residential address on the public register. Once this has been done, care must be taken to use a correspondence address in place of your residential address for future Companies House filings in order to continue this protection.

If you are no longer appointed to a company, you do not need to provide an alternative correspondence address and only the first half of your postcode will be available to the public.

Please note that it is not possible to remove a residential address if it has been used as a company’s registered office.

Gordon Dadds can assist in this process by undertaking the searches required to identify all of the documents which containing the to-be-removed address and by providing a new correspondence address, in addition to filing the application on an individual’s behalf.

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