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After taking an honours degree in Law at Cambridge University, where I was an open scholar at Jesus College, I qualified as a solicitor, specialising in corporate law and tax. Since then I have had a varied career, serving as director of several banks, including Charterhouse and Investec, helping to found The Independent newspaper and London Radio Services (now LBC) and acting for the BBC, BSkyB and Reuters. I was also an arbitrator for The Securities and Futures Authority.

I joined Gordon Dadds in 2013, in order to combine my knowledge of corporate finance with my interest in law.


What is your best legal anecdote?

As a young and inexperienced banker, I was sent to New York to negotiate a deal. The other side was represented by the senior partner of one of America’s greatest law firms, a man so old and distinguished he had been a member of President Roosevelt’s cabinet. When I told him that my client’s demand for something was 'non-negotiable', he replied: 'young man, in all my long life in legal practice and government I have only learned one immutable fact. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is non-negotiable'.

What is your most interesting legal experience?

I had the privilege of studying under the late Glanville Williams as an undergraduate. Nothing can compare to the experience of being taught by one of the greatest legal minds of the 20th Century.

MA (Cantab)

Charterhouse Bank, Director

Guinness Mahon, Director and Head of Media Corporate Finance

Investec, Managing Director of Corporate Finance

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