Christopher Yates

Group Finance Director

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I joined Gordon Dadds Consulting in 2013 and have thirty years of experience in financial consultancy and corporate finance. I am a graduate of St John’s College Cambridge and an accountant. I have been a director of a number of plcs and corporate finance departments, and have chaired the QCA Corporate Governance Committee.

I live with my wife, and we have four daughters and a granddaughter.

What is your greatest weakness?

Always wanting to be sure of the answer.

What is your most interesting legal experience?

My most interesting legal lesson over the course of my career to date has been learning how much and how little law applies to CVAs.

Deloitte (then Touche Ross & Co)

Laing & Cruickshank (renamed Credit Lyonnais Securities), Divisional Director

QCA Corporate Governance Committee (Chairman 2001-2005)

Kennedy Ventures plc, Director

Phoenix Administration Ltd, Director

Pires Investments plc, Director

Culver Holdings Limited (formerly plc)

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7493 6151


Based in our office

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