Litigation & Dispute Resolution

What’s at stake when business disputes arise? Maybe everything. We never forget the sheer strain that litigation puts our clients under or the fact that our court system remains distinctly alien territory for most people.

We offer far more than long experience or multiple pairs of safe hands. Our team works quickly to master the full commercial and legal context of your position, weigh the merits of contending interests and help you to understand both the strong and weak points at play. Only then can you develop the appropriate legal approach and correct business tactics.

Your lead lawyer stays with you every step of the way. Your commercial objectives will govern us as we work out the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy for you. We will balance the sensitivities of the case against forceful action wherever required: this may involve negotiation, litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Clear, regular communication and timely responses to requests are our hallmarks. That is what enables us to share your burden and allows you to keep focused on your normal, everyday affairs.

The cases we take on range from a relatively simple contractual dispute to some of the biggest and most complex cases against the largest companies and institutions in the world. We have particular expertise in bringing and defending various kinds of injunctions and conducting forensic investigations. Attacking or defending monies or businesses held in trust structures is a speciality.

Our international case management is second to none. When necessary we can marshal our network of overseas law firms, expert witnesses and counsel to maximum effect, analysing, perhaps, huge volumes of documents in multiple languages, all the while communicating with you to reinforce the strength of your position and manage the time and cost profile.


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