Mediation is a structured, confidential process to help you find a workable resolution to an actual or potential dispute without the expense, time and damage to relationships involved in taking a case to trial. Mediation may run alongside more formal methods of dispute resolution such as litigation or arbitration, but it can also be very effective before disputes escalate to that level.

Mediation is a voluntary means of enabling disputing parties to arrive at a mutually acceptable settlement without having a judgment imposed upon them, and is without prejudice to the legal issues in the dispute.

All members of our dispute resolution, employment and family law teams are trained to advise you on mediation and, where appropriate, to represent you at mediations. In addition, some members of the firm are trained mediators and accept appointments from individuals and businesses to act as mediator in a wide range of disputes.

Our qualified mediators are:

Adrian Bingham

Ben Frost

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Full CVs are available upon request, please contact Adrian Bingham on for further information.



Adrian Bingham

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Adrian Bingham
Gordon Dadds