Our across-the-board legal expertise allows us to offer a broad spectrum of legal services to both sports people – players, athletes, amateurs and professionals alike – and sports businesses. Our clients include professional players, football clubs, club owners, rights management and player representation agencies, rights holders and sponsors and advertising agencies.  We also regularly provide educational advice to young sports people on legal matters affecting them such as their contractual relationships with clubs, agents and sponsors.

Examples of our work in the sports sector include:

  • An Image Rights deal for one of the world’s top footballers
  • An ‘Own Name’ Intellectual Property (IP) dispute with a major sporting figure
  • Worldwide IP protection for a betting business
  • Worldwide IP Trade Marks for a Formula 1 team
  • Mergers and acquisitions work in respect of various football clubs
  • Family Law work for an international rugby player
  • Property purchase for a professional English cricketer
  • Advising a football player agency on various corporate and employment related matters
  • Media distribution agreement for the ICC cricket world cup
  • Employment litigation on behalf of a UK Championship football player
  • Tax issues for a top European football player
  • Formula 1 racetrack purchase
  • Various corporate matters for major sport clubs including fundraising exercises on the AIM Market and various loan arrangements
  • Advising on the FA and league rules on a number of issues including the provisions of the articles of association of the football club in question
  • Sports immigration
  • Sports visa
  • Concert agreements at sports venues, including all ancillary agreements
  • Libel case for a race horse trainer
  • Deals to sell live rights for racecourses
  • Agreements with satellite TV company
  • Converting a Ski Association into a company limited by guarantee

Our business legal expertise means that we help sports related businesses at every step from start-up and buy-outs and fundraisings and investments through to mergers and acquisitions, and all that falls between. For more in-depth information, please visit the GD Business section of our website.

On a personal level, our expertise means that we help sports people with a wide range of advice including intellectual property and image rights, reputation management, tax planning and tax returns, residential property, wills and trusts and relationship and matrimonial matters. For more in-depth information, please visit the GD Personal section of our website.


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