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Who are GDFM?

Part of the AIM listed Gordon Dadds Group, GD Financial Markets (GDFM) was founded by three partners in April 2016, all of whom are ex-Big Four management consultants who have extensive experience in financial markets and consulting. We believe in a consistent delivery experience and an engagement model that focuses on practicality and sharing risk with our clients.

Why we exist

We believe that the consulting engagement model must adapt to meet changing market demand, and that there is an opportunity to disrupt the market by focusing our proposition on being a trusted partner delivering experience-led services and creating a community of interests with our clients.

We want to build lasting relationships and be known as the practical consultancy, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that their money is spent wisely and returns measurable business benefits.

These values also underline why we are seen as the go-to consulting partner for many market leading service providers, with whom we have developed multiple cost efficient technology-enabled fully integrated managed service solutions.

What we do

Business Consulting – our financial services consulting team combine business consulting methodology with deep industry expertise to drive business optimisation, regulatory compliance and enhanced risk management and control for our clients.

Resource Augmentation – we recognise that there are numerous events that can drive our clients to require short term capacity support. We provide our clients with experienced resources to meet these requirements, and ensure that they operate within a delivery model that provides increased value versus traditional models.

Managed Services – some industry and client challenges are too complicated for any single service provider to solve. Combing technology capability with consulting methodology, we act as a solution integrator and manage a ecosystem of vendors around a common purpose.

Practical consultancy

Trusted partner and experience – we put our client’s interests ahead of our own and are prepared to ‘say no’ to work if we believe there is a better option for the client.
Community of interests – our consulting approach and use of innovative pricing models enables us to share risk with our clients.
Alternative delivery – depending on the requirements, we can deliver our services in the client offices, or through our nearshore and offshore delivery centres.
Structure – part of the Gordon Dadds Group, we benefit from infrastructure support, law-firm levels of professional indemnity and access to a deep pool of trained resources. The Group’s complementary set of capabilities also enables us to deliver integrated end-to-end services for our clients.


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