GDFM and Neotas

Who we are

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and experienced analysts, Neotas and GD Financial Markets are setting new standards in due diligence, staff screening, and compliance.

Our in-house developed methodologies and proprietary software are analyst driven and were designed by our people with backgrounds in government, law enforcement, fraud prevention, cyber security, and the military. We combine these experiences with those from the commercial, financial, legal and IT realm and find ourselves able to expand our reach beyond others in providing the strategic insights, plans and techniques that HR departments and senior executives need to navigate the inherent complexities of compliance and regulation.

What we do

We are committed to conducting ethical, open, and transparent research in order to uncover the details that you need to know. Whether it be in-depth reports, network visuals, risk assessment matrices, easy-to-use dashboards, raw data, personnel profiles or dynamic risk assessments all of our outputs provide actionable insights to inform decision making.

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Our approach

Our analysis can provide support with regulatory compliance. Under SM&CR for example all employees are now subject to an annual ‘fit and proper’ test, which needs to evidence a person’s conduct, including a character assessment. Our continuous or periodic screening process will proactively evidence this process, highlighting any potential non-compliance, behavioural and reputational issues.

We go beyond the standard credit and criminal record checks in order to ensure you make the right hiring decision. Using our proprietary software we discover insights and facts that current database checks fail to unearth. We look at people from various angles and help you determine whether their characteristics, behaviours or contacts give any cause for concern. We conduct the following specialised forms of analysis:

Relational and link analysis – dynamically map out how individuals relate to and interact
Contextual analysis – essential to understanding the meaning and intent of information
Behavioural analysis – understanding behaviours, traits, and motivators
Communication analysis – analysis of text, images, videos, data, expertise, money and other commodities

What we deliver through our analysis


  • Identify usual aliases and nicknames
  • Identify key individuals and influencers
  • Identify business contacts/ co-directors/business acquaintances
  • Confirm addresses and locations
  • Identify family and friends of interest or concern
  • Identify email addresses/ phone numbers
  • Identify freelance consultancy roles/tutoring/online service roles otherwise not disclosed

Online Presence

  • Assess vulnerabilities exposed by the individual
  • Reveal pattern of life behaviour

Behavioural Analytics

  • Derive key motivators
  • Identify personality/ behavioural traits
  • Identify level of involvement in activities outside of work (sports, online gambling, gaming, etc.)
  • Identify sales and purchasing behaviour
  • Sentiment and language analysis

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