GDFM | The Onsite Delivery Model

We understand the impact that increased workloads or a shift in business strategy can have on our client’s resource and capacity. Whether our clients are looking to staff an interim leadership role, tackle a key project or supplement a line team, our experienced professionals can be made available either individually or on a team basis.

We believe that in order to deliver value when engaging in resource augmentation, consultancies can no longer persist with the ‘fire and forget’ model which has become ubiquitous with the approach. Therefore, our delivery model has been leveraged from our Big 4 experience, and is designed to ensure that our clients receive value and our people receive the requisite level of support.

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Engagement partner: Accountable for client relationship management, that the project is delivered on time and to budget and the performance of GDFM resources.

GDFM consultants: Experienced industry professionals, responsible for delivering and executing activities in accordance with the statement of work and project plan.

SME support: Provision of on-demand subject matter expertise and industry insight for the GDFM consultant(s) to support client delivery.

Independent quality review: Periodic independent quality review of the project by a Gordon Dadds partner to ensure that the contract is being delivered as agreed and to the requisite level of quality.

Our people are all experienced professionals and are either sourced through our own personal networks or through our trusted search firms, with whom we have developed close partnerships.


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