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The industry is enduring an unprecedented period of change as global regulatory bodies and associations continue to define and redefine legislation to govern and monitor activity within financial markets. Global legislation has largely been produced in isolation with the resulting rules often being duplicative and/or contradictory.

As part of the G20 transparency regime, the requirement to report OTC and exchange traded derivative transactions to global regulators has created numerous challenges for the industry; data quality, timing issues, data reconciliations, managing the cost of reporting and measuring the impact on the cost per trade and client experience.

Our clients are looking for organisations that can help them meet these requirements in a way that is both cost effective and delivers quality, bringing new insights and perspectives that help to accelerate compliance and increase confidence.

What we do

At GD Financial Markets and Kaizen, we specialise in regulatory reporting, consulting and delivering managed services. We provide industry leading services to help firms navigate this ever-changing and ever more complex reporting environment. Whether your challenges are related to MiFID I or II, EMIR, Dodd-Frank Act or any other G20 transparency regime, we are here to help.

Who we are

We understand the regulatory reporting challenges our clients face.

Kaizen Reporting are experts in the regulatory reporting industry and have played a major role in the evolution of the reporting obligations firms face today.

At GD Financial Markets, we combine industry expertise with a consultative approach and ability to deliver complex managed services.

Collectively, our mission is to deliver confidence and certainty for our clients, putting them firmly in control of their reporting.

An overview of our services

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